Harpreet Sethi: Innovator. Visionary. Humanitarian.

For his outstanding contribution to the community, Harpreet was honoured with the prestigious South Asian Person of the Year Award at the Midweek South Asian Awards in November 2011.
Harpreet Sethi, co-founder of Priyance Hospitality Inc., owns and operates the Grand Victorian Convention Centre and Radisson Plaza hotel in Mississauga, Ontario. As one of several developments under Harpreet’s banner, the hotel has been recently awarded the Four Key rating from the Hotel Association of Canada, an eco rating program acknowledging hotels that do their share to protect the environment. Not only does Harpreet’s hotel implement recycling programs and utilize energy efficient equipment to foster sustainability, it offers all this in grand style, with luxurious suites and exceptional customer relations; serving the needs of his clients with a state-of-the-art facility. He’s been named Hotelier of the Year by Mid-Week, and his hotel has won the 2010 Carlson Hotel of the Year award.
Real estate development is another aspect Harpreet has included in his business portfolio. He has taken on residential, commercial and industrial development in Canada, as well as in India. His projects include construction of his hotel, Radisson Plaza, a 100 room facility; the Grand Victorian Convention Centre; and over 200 commercial condos, including an 18,000 square foot retail and office condominium located in Brampton, Ontario, and various other retail and medical properties across Ontario. He has also developed over 150 award winning residential homes in Pickering, Ontario; as featured in Builder Architect magazine and awarded builder of the year for the same.
In his drive for achievement, Harpreet, initiated his career as a businessman at the ripe young age of 16, when as a student, he traded textiles, and became a top selling textile distributor by the time he turned 19, in his native city in Punjab, India. Harpreet, natural leader with a knack for start-ups, pursued other business opportunities, namely in the software development sector, collaborating with research centres at home in Canada, and internationally in Thailand. Tenacious and entrepreneurial, Harpreet next found success in the home furnishing industry, building a multi-million dollar company in two short years. Demonstrating persistence and business acumen, Harpreet manufactured and distributed furniture, and managed to turn his business into a franchise model, boasting over 50 franchise stores. He added import and export to the mix, when he started distribution across North America. He took his start-ups in furniture and textile industries to over 1 billion dollars in turnover and across 20 countries. He was also featured in CFMT as the fastest growing South Asian Business.
Harpreet’s name is synonymous with colourful events within the South Asian community in the GTA; he is truly passionate about arts and culture. As the President of Black Diamond Entertainments, Harpreet promotes, organizes, hosts and sponsors numerous cultural shows, supporting local and global talent. Just to name a few events to Harpreet"s credits are: the Sunidhi Chauhan concert, a lively and engaging musical show, highlighting popular hits from Bollywood; Mahautsav, a 30-hour non-stop celebration of Diwali, a festival of lights; the Shibani Kashyap concert; the International Film Festival of India, the Ila Arun concert and the International Fashion Festival.
A successful and well established immigrant, Harpreet is well known for his generosity and volunteer work for numerous charities in the community and on an international scale. He is an actively involved member of the Indo-Canadian community, and continuously finds ways to give back to the place where he works and lives. Notably, his sizeable donation of $500,000 to the William Osler Health Centre in 2007, one of Canada’s largest hospitals, drew praise and distinction from the Federal Government of Canada, the Provincial Government of Ontario and the community at large.
Harpreet’s core values consist of a strong belief in charity work, and presenting opportunities to the underprivileged. He supports various schools, individual students and families in India, in hopes of fulfilling their needs and fostering them to lead a better life. Harpreet’s tireless efforts to help those less fortunate and deserving, has also lead him to work with numerous eye care hospitals, including KK Eye Institute in India. Harpreet generously donates to local and international religious centres including mandirs, temples, gurdwaras and mosques based on humanitarian grounds. As a member of Lions Club, Harpreet has participated in raising funds for Canadian National Institute for the Blind. He has also supported various other charities such as Sick Kids Foundation, BAPS, Centennial foundation, Pakistan Earthquake Relief, along with several others charities in Canada and India. Harpreet is also the Founding Director of Canadian Fallen Soldiers Foundation, a charity dedicated to assisting families of our fallen soldiers.

Most recently, Harpreet supported the Salvation Army ‘Toy Mountain’ campaign in December 2011 with a $10,000 donation toward the purchase of Toys for needy children. The presentation was made live on CTV news in collaboration with the Salvation Army.

For his outstanding contribution to the community, Harpreet was honoured with the prestigious South Asian Person of the Year Award at the Midweek South Asian Awards in November 2011.

Harpreet strives for excellence in everything he does. Not only is Harpreet talented and business savvy, he is book smart as well. He has won numerous awards, scholarships and merits of recognition for his outstanding achievements as an excellent student. Harpreet attended university and studied Commerce, Accounting and Business Administration, before earning an MBA in Finance. An avid speaker, he’s recognized for his vast general knowledge, especially when it comes to all things historical. His education, experiences and perseverance have together steered him down the path of successful serial entrepreneurship and effective leadership, transforming his goals and visions into reality. He’s also been rewarded with a National Merit Award from the Government of India.

Harpreet is happily married to Ginni Sethi, who is also his business partner. They live in Toronto with their two children Priya and Prince, whose names happen to be the inspiration behind naming their company, Priyance Hospitality Inc.

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You make us all proud with your success in business, success in raising a great family and, now, your singular achievement of such generosity and commitment to the community!
Ronji Borooah